Our Purpose

The Solder True Life Foundation was created to honor the mission God has given us; to strengthen the lives of those that come within our path, both emotionally near and geographically far. In order to make the most transformative impact, we are willing to go wherever we may be called. We can’t guarantee our success; we can only promise our faithfulness and obedience to the call.

Qualities the Solder True Life Foundation embrace and uphold

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An awareness of thankfulness for good things that happen.


Being true & honest. Presenting genuinely and sincerely.


Will not seek the spotlight but let actions speak for themselves.


Achieving goals by making careful everyday choices.


Always seeking to be a part of something greater than oneself.

What is True Life?

Every day, someone is trying to sell us a new path to a fulfilled life. Every day, we are offered some new solution, or some new theory that will lead us to happiness and satisfaction. True Life is not a new fad or recent trend, It is an ancient path to a deeper purpose.

One True Path: In Christ Alone, Through Faith Alone, By Grace Alone

We believe there is one path to True Life. That path is in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone. Jesus is our King. Jesus loves the world too much to watch it perish without hope. That is why He died to save it. Yet, he didn’t stay dead. By his death and resurrection He saved the world and settled the terms of peace. A life without Christ is death, a life with the King is life, True Life.

How Do We Know?

Our confidence is in the irresistible grace of Christ. We did nothing to earn his grace, so there's nothing we can do that would take it away. We have an enemy that is working to steal our confidence, rest assured death on a cross conquered all our enemies. Jesus won, Jesus always wins, Jesus is King.

Faith Does Not Stay Alone

Our faith is in Christ alone, however, saving faith never stays alone. Faith without works is dead. Since we have been freed by Christ, we are inspired to see others be set free. The grace of God is our power. Through His love and power, he is reconciling the world for His glory. We enjoy our role in God’s plan.

You Are Invited to Know, Live, and Enjoy TRUE LIFE

Everyone has a unique story, which, is part of God's ultimate story. Our desire is that everyone would know the True Life that God longs for them to know. Our objective is for you all to see God more clearly, and experience him more closely. God is pursuing you, and we invite you to join the ancient tribe of the King. We invite you to partner with us to experience True Life and share it with others.

True Life Resources

Out of God's great love for us, he has given us more than we could have ever hoped for. Because of God's love poured on us we work to share it with others. There is no greater gift than to share Jesus.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read about the wonderful truth of God's purpose, and the adventure that is a life in King Jesus.